Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This may definitely be one of those "caution rough road ahead" entries.

Realized when I made the comment in my last entry about Jesus and the woman
taken in adultery just how much NOTHING has changed. The men who brought
this terrified woman before the rabbi with the accent from Hicksville
Galilee didn't give a damn about her "sin" or lack of it. Any more than most
of the folks snapping at the heels of the representatives on both sides of the aisle
really care about Foley or the page. If agendas can be advanced they will be
advanced no matter who gets hurt or what gets left boiling dry on the
backburner while the hounds go baying off on another false trail.

I commented to mom the other night that I'd always been curious about that story.
At least as long as I'd know that you didn't commit adultery by yourself.
"Where was the guy? Why hadn't the mob grabbed him, too?" Mom's reply? "He
was probably the one ready to throw the first stone." A wise lady my mother.

And this is one of the reasons I believe that some branches pf organized
Christianity are fatally flawed. A lot of good has been done and is done in
the name of the prophet from Nazareth. And I'm not really sure if Jesus was physically the Son of God or if it's in the sense that we'e all the sons and daughters of the Creator when we align our actions with that of Creation. I also believe that the Creator will go on very nicely whether I believe or not. I am trying to undestand but there are times when I really think I'm getting further away not closer.  But, I sincerely believe tthat there's a cancer eating away at too  many hearts.

It's probably been there since the first church council in Nicea was called
not by a bishop but by the emperor Constantine. Yeah, imagine my surprise when it finally sank in that the state not the church “fathers” called the first council on what the basic beliefs of Christianity should be. And neither side has drawn a free breath since. The emperor wanted an end to the factional squabbles. I doubt if he really gave a darn which side finally won approval. He was more concerned about peace and order in the fading Roman Empire. Each faction wanted their version of the faith given the approval and support of the state.Some of them didn't even bother to show up. It may have been a marriage, but itwas made a little south of heaven


lisaram1955 said...

These are strange times for those of us who are searching for our spiritual reality.  Organized religion is definitely not putting on an attractive show for us...  Lisa  :-]  

tenyearnap said...

I have always loved "The Scarlet Letter". (sigh)
Yes, Constantine pretty much "wrote" Christianity, didn't he! I'm sure every religion can be tracked down to some guy with an agenda.