Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Our "president" claimed in a speech the "terrorists" are attacking us because they hate our freedoms.

Just what freedoms do they hate us for, Mr. President?


The freedom to be lied to by our elected hired help?

The freedom to speak but not be heard?

The freedom to watch the president, vice president, and members of his administration speak to specially invited guests in carefully orchestrated events on private property while the citizens who might disagree with them are herded into "free speech" zones on the other side of the block?

The freedom to hear our president, our president mind you, say that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are "just pieces of paper?


The freedom to watch 800 years of legal tradition flushed down the drain with the assurance that only terrorists and their supporters face the risk of being "disappeared" on the orders of one man?


The freedom to watch religious faith used as just another crowbar to divide us from each other?


The freedom to have our country sold out from under us to corrupt corporations?

The freedom to get sick from food created in chemistry labs, meat from contaminated assembly lines, vegetables tainted with bacteria laden manure run off, and water tainted with sewage and industrial waste while we pay through the nose for drugs that cost half as much in Canada and Europe?

The freedom to work for companies like Wal Mart for rip gut wages?


The freedom to be treated as a disposable component in the economic machine?

The freedom to be lied to by those who are supposed to serve the people, not the other way around?

The list goes on and on. Just what freedom's are we talking about here Mr. President? Some of us would like to know. In fact I'm afraid our lives are depending on it. And somehow I don't think these were the freedoms the founding fathers had in mind when they were working out the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Remember those pesky pieces of paper?


mlraminiak said...

Hmmm...great rant.  Right on the money, I'd say...  Lisa  :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

Make sure you watch Why We Fight....that documentary changed my life a few weeks ago...and it answers so many of your questions...in a scary way...

ibspiccoli4life said...

Great post, Jackie. Haven't been around in a while but it looks like things are going well here. Bush knows quite well why they hate us, but the mainstream media will never really discuss those reasons.