Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I wrote the original Bookworm (most of it, anyway) on my lunch hour. So I guess I kind of forgot to mention my complete collection of Bloom County, the dozen odd paperbacks of early Tumbleweeds, my classic Garfields, a Charles Addams, various other cartoon books, the complete collection of X-Files comics (I felt really weird buying comics at my age until I spotted a guy with more gray than me over in the Star Trek section.) some Calvin and Hobbs, oh and Bill Mauldin. If you’ve ever seen the MASH episode where Potter shoots his crushed jeep, it’s straight out of Up Front.


I think there’s so much history (and the science tends more towards the history of science not the nuts and bolts lab type science) because I’m terminally curious about how we’ve ended up the way we are. We’re the puzzle and the books are the pieces. The collection may sound very serious but believe me there’s a laugh or three tucked in there. Oddly enough some of the best laughs are in the history books. Will Durant for one had a wickedly dry sense of humor.

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toonguykc said...

You've listed my very first influence in life -- Charles Addams!!!  I've always loved the humor/horror connection.  He and George Booth made me who I am!!!  Thanks for the reminder of who I should remember to honor in my non-religious prayers at night.