Friday, October 21, 2005


When you take your car to the garage you expect (and hope) that the person who will be adjusting your brakes knows what they’re doing. In other words they’d better be pros. If you have a bellyache or a lump you expect that the doctor who’s poking about in your inner self has had at least a year or two of training. You don’t expect to find a grease monkey behind the grill at your favorite diner.

So, boys and girls, what’s this thing about “professional” politicians and who started it? When did it become a good idea to put people in charge of running our government who can't find the back of their laps with both hands, a map and a compass?

We’ve got more and more people running for office trumpeting the fact that when you come right down to it they have no idea what they’re doing. These people have the power to decide where businesses will be built, what farm land will be saved, if our pensions are going to be there when we need them, the kind of breaks business get for sending our jobs overseas, whether they represent us or if we’re getting the best government that money can buy, so on and so forth ad nauseum. Although from where I’m sitting, even the lobbyists arent’ getting their money’s worth.

When you come right down to I’d like to think that the people making the decisions have some idea how the process works. I’d definitely prefer someone who not only respects the constitution but may have actually read the document.


lisaram1955 said...

Unfortunately, it seems that the ones who have knowledge enough to do the job, choose NOT to run, because the process is so debasing.  How many people can stand to be under the personal and professional microscope under which one is put when one runs for office?  People who have the compassion for other people that we would  like to see in our leaders, care about their own families to much to risk it.  It's the a**hole professional politicians with the egos the size of Mars that are the only ones brave (oblivious) enough to risk the process.  More's the pity...  Lisa  :-]  

toonguykc said...

I'm kind of afraid our country can't be repaired at this point.  We are the new "Roman Empire".  We're falling.  And I'm not even being political here.  No party can save us now.....but I still blame republicans!  LOL