Monday, October 31, 2005


Saw a little magic on the way in this morning. I don’t know if it’s because there is some bad weather coming in or if there’s something really good in the new grass that’s coming up in the local fields but I saw several snowy egrets and one great blue heron on the way in this morning.


The egrets were in a small field next to the new runway extension at the local airport and the heron was sharing a pasture with a couple of horses. If it hadn’t been right next to the fence I probably wouldn’t have even seen it. And there were the usual flights of ducks and geese making the commute between the two local rivers, the McKenzie and the Willamette. Wherever they spent the night they wanted to be on the other one for the day. Go figure.


Oh, and there was a picture of a river otter on the front page of the local paper this Saturday. They’ve revamped a local creek/canal that drains into the Willamette. They put back the curves that were taken out years ago, planted native trees and grasses and voila. Where you have otters you have good habitat for all the goodies otters like to munch on. One local naturalist has followed a group of five or six down the creek and apparently that isn’t the only one. According to the paper, Oregon has supplied breeding stock to other states where the otters were native but trapped out. Yay for Oregon.


After a Sunday of really feeling at sixes and sevens being able to experience this was really good for my spirit.


oceanmrc said...

Oh, I wish I could visit the Willamette Valley, and not just because my dd is there!

lisaram1955 said...

Whenever I feel out of it, I get a gentle rebirth from things I see and experience in nature...  Lisa  :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

It is so great to see wildlife coming back into their traditional homes...a ray of hope!