Sunday, October 2, 2005


Fall arrived with a very wet thud this weekend. This is a good thing really. Our water year starts on October first and we were about fifteen inches short last year. Actually we’ve been short the last few years. It’s been pretty dry for a part of the state that has a wet reputation to maintain.

Back in the late seventies and eary eighties a local cartoonist did a series of cartoon paperbacks that poked fun at Western Oregons’ wet reputation, Eastern Oregon’s dry reputation and just about everything in between. They starred a guy called Hugh Wetshoe who always appeared in wet weather gear no matter where he was. My scanner still is not talking to my operating system so I’ll have to settle for just the words. My journal has been pretty serious lately and these books have tons of material. I can be funny and serious at the same time.

You know what’s really funny, or scary depending on your point of view? The jibes at the Oregon legislature are still spot on, unfortunately. It’s still true. The more things change the more they say the same.

On the note of “If this is July and it’s raining this must be Oregon.” James Cloutier in Oregon III. (Which oddly enough, was the first book, he really like to mess with our heads)  I think I’ll say goodnight. :-)


lisaram1955 said...

Yeah, September really blew out of here on a soggy note, didn't it?  It POURED rain on us in Tillamook (which I think is one of the wettest spots in the state, anyway) but we were INSIDE for this event, so I just looked out the door and said, "Ha-ha, can't get me!"  We had a great little event.  It was as great an event as last weekend's was bad.  I'm feeling a little more validated this Monday morning than I was last Monday...  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

Thunder is moving into KC right now.  Beautiful sound!  The combo of "Funny" and "Serious" is awesome.  Keep it up!