Monday, October 31, 2005


There are four Celtic Sabbaths. They come midway between the equinoxes and the solstices. Actually they would consider the December solstice to be midwinter and that makes real sense in this part of the country. We call December 21 the first day of winter, but by late January we’ve got crocuses and snowdrops peaking up. Although some of the crocuses that peak up during a warm streak may look like they want a rewind button before they get fully up. Shivering little frosty crocuses in late January give hope of spring.

So this is eve of Samhain. A time for remembering those who are gone and to reflect on year that’s past. To be glad for the summers harvest and plan for the year to come.

Threshold Invocation for the Festival of Samhain

Grandmother Wisdom, open the door,
Grandfather Counsel, come you in.
Let there be welcome to the ancient lore.
Let there be welcome to the Winter of the Year.
In cold and darkness you are traveling,
Under crystal skies you will arrive.
May the blessed time of Samhain
Clarify the soul of all beings,
Bringing joy and wisdom to revelation,
From the depths to the heights,
From the heights to the depths,
In the cave of every soul.

From the Celtic Devotional edited by Caitlin Matthews

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toonguykc said...

Beautiful!  I copied that down on paper.  I really need a printer!  LOL