Monday, September 25, 2006



From left to right, Lucky, the Bandit (right after we got her and more of kitten than we thought) and the grey lady, Misty the Magnificent.

We're discovering that the Bandit has unexpected talents. It's no secret that cats love things that roll. But this one goes looking for them. And is smart enough to look at something in a bowl or basket and try it out to see if it works. Current favorites? Cherry tomatoes and the unplanted bulbs in a basket that is inside a large empty terra cotta pot in the garage. I haven't
seen any teeth marks on the bulbs or the tomatoes but she must have to get them in her mouth to get them in the house. Especially the bulbs. She has to get them up three steps from the garage to the house. They don't roll all that well so we find them abandoned later. I think the "hunt" is what matters. The getting it out of the pot and into the house.

Lucky "hunts" garden gloves. We find them all over the place. You can usually hear her while she's bringing them in because she meows while she's carrying it. I don't know if she's calling her kittens to dinner or if it's "see what little ol me can haul around." Last winter she even had a spell of hauling my terry cloth bathrobe off the bed. She actually got it into the living room once.

Misty hunts laps, sunny spots, toilet paper rolls (they roll, reeeeal good) and she likes to hold hands


toonguykc said...

That's a motley crew you've got there!!


tenyearnap said...

Hold hands! That's so cute.

visionarydiva1 said...

I am soo scared of cats....I think I am scared of the ones i don't know but most of all I am not a cat person...I had some bad experiences but I have to admit how cute they are.


mlraminiak said...

Lovely little picture.  They are sweet.  Lisa  :-]

ereading7 said...

I so enjoyed your cat stories.  Probably having two cats in the household enhanced my enjoyment.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so much.  Thank you.
The stories reminded me of various cat antics I have had the privilege to witness over the years, and if you don't mind, I will share two.  
The little one sometimes lays on her back and plays with the rungs of the chairs and has such a good time.  
I used to come home and find the sheer curtain that hangs in the basement doorway (door was removed for the cats, of course) in the middle of the living room floor (about 12 feet from the doorway), including the spring rod.  I never did see who did it or maybe it was a joint effort of the two.