Thursday, September 21, 2006


I get a kick out of the ads for drugs for insomnia. I would have to be freakin'
desperate to go for these. I have this weird subconscious you see. It tries
to wake me at fairly set times. Around 5 AM for one. Don't ask me why, it
just does it. And Daylight Savings Time doesn't help. Within a couple of
days I'm back to 2 and 5 like clockwork. Oh, and I loath the alarm, so if I'm in
danger of oversleeping? My twisty little subconscious will bring out the
mental equivalent of the big guns on the New Jersey for that too.

So what does this involve? I've been chased by bees. Lots and lots of bees.
(that little gem was brought on by the buzzing alarm clock) I go on road
trips where the road disappears, gets impossibly narrow, mislays a bridge,
decides to go straight up, or turns into an impossible corkscrew of
switchbacks. I'm in a building where the doors disappear, the hallways lead
to nowhere or the stairs are blocked. The other night was a "triple header." We were visiting somebody, I don't know who, but the one story housemanaged to grow a three story set of steps on a weird ladder to get out. (Ihate heights, I really hate heights) In the middle of the drive home mom wassuddenly driving instead of me, the nice sunny day tuned into night, the road turned into a mountain corkscrewand we went over the side. End of dream, I'm awake at 5 right on time. Oh,and I don't know how far up we were but I saw stars under us as we left theroad. Went back to sleep and ended up in the shopping mall from Wonderland,as in Alice. I think I started out at Gateway Mall, but it got really strange after that. Reeeeeealllllllllly strange. Not scary, but something out of
Dungeons and Dragons or something. It got bigger and bigger and bigger. The straight ways got curvy, it got dim and dark and just basically weird.

Anyway I woke up in time to turn off thealarm before it went off. I think part of it could be blamed on one of myblood pressure meds. I think things have gotten a little more interesting since I started this one. Maybe they use Valeriian in it or something.

Anyway if my subconscious is going take me down the rabbit hole I don't want
to have any trouble waking up. No way, no where, no how. Oh, and mom is
still an excellent driver so I don't think that was the problem. My twisted little brain just wanted to go on a crazy road trip.


tenyearnap said...

Ooh, I hate those "weird ladder" dreams! Diriving through the stars sounds cool, though. I want to have one of those.

hestiahomeschool said...

What mood were you in when you woke up?  That feeling is important....
love, Kas

toonguykc said...

Want to go on some REALLY crazy dream adventures?  Take Paxil.  Nevermind -- don't do it---sounds like you're doinf fine by yourself.  ;)


lisaram1955 said...

I have those occasionally where the road goes underwater and we drive right in.  

I hate those.  Lisa  :-]