Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NCAA Football- Oklahoma Gets Apology, Refs Get Suspended - AOL Sports

I've never done an entry like this before. Lets see how it works.

NCAA Football- Oklahoma Gets Apology, Refs Get Suspended - AOL Sports :

Ok, new crisis. Oklahoma has cried foul over the officiating at the end of the game Saturday. The officiating team has been suspended and the guy doing the replay review has received at least one death threat.

One-I am not a die hard football fan. My nephew is on the team. He even gets to play once in awhile.

Two-Repeat after me. This is a game. This is a game. Obviously it isn't but it should be.

Three-Both teams made enough mistakes that frankly I think it was up for grabs and this time Oregon got lucky.

Four-The officiating was actually pretty good, from what I could see. I'm not an expert but it looked pretty clean.

Five-I suspect that every football team in the country has been on the receiving end of as many referee goofs that helped as hurt. Suck it up, it evens out in the end.

Six-The Oklahoma coach seems to be concerned that this loss to Oregon might impact his team's championship hopes. The way this young team was screwing up on Saturday? Don't hold your breath buddy. It's a young team. If it'll make you feel better, blame Oregon when you don't make it. And Oklahoma lost at least one touch down because of errors earlier in the game. So.......maybe your guy shouldn't have been an overeager Sooner and it wouldn't have been a problem.

Seven-Actually at one point both teams were screwing up about equally. Live with it and work on it. Keep playing like this and neither team will have to worry about playing after the season is over, because you won't get the chance.

Eight-And this should be most important of all. Oklahoma is a nice white bread state and I'm sure the majority of the fans would describe themselves as "Christians." Would Jesus threaten somebody because they made a mistake? Or would he remind them that telling someone you hate them is tantamount to murder. Just a thought.

Nine-Back in the day, before Oregon earned a lot more respect I saw a lot of bad calls aimed at Oregon. As in the same mistake got different results depending on which team made the error. Maybe it's Karma.

Ten-Again. It's a game. It really is a game. Take a deep breath, relax, it will all come out right in the end.


visionarydiva1 said...

I agree that it is only a game but I used to see ppl. (when I was coming up) doing so much betting on the games and losing big time money....I think it is just crazy you make some really good points.


toonguykc said...

As much as I hate my home state of Kansas -- Oklahoma is even WORSE!  It's a place where bad Kansans go when they die.  Carry on, Ducks!  Enjoy the triumph!!


lisaram1955 said...

I was discussing with the husband this evening the fact that this whole "replay" bullshit should never have been allowed to happen.  The call on the field should be the call.  If you don't trust your officials enough to let them call the game, they shouldn't be officiating at that level.  This whole uproar is ridiculous. And I have a feeling someone who knows where some bodies are buried is calling in some favors...  Lisa  :-]