Saturday, September 16, 2006


While I was researching the today's earlier entry I dipped in and out of the game between Oregon and the Oklahoma Sooners. Today was the seventh time we've played Oklahoma and we lost the first six games including last season's Holiday Bowl. If you folks back East heard a whole lot of whoopin', hollerin', whistlin', cheerin' and general good natured mayhem coming over the Rockies about 4:30 Pacific time this afternoon it was approximately 56,000 thousand Duck fans watching Lucky Seven. There were actually more than 60,000 diehard fans in the stadium but I figure some of them had to be rooting for Oklahoma.

And they did it in the last minute to pull ahead by one point and bless me if Oklahoma didn't almost make it back. A strong fifty yard run on the kick got them back in Oregon Territory with 2 seconds on the clock. 2 freakin' seconds. Oregon managed to block a field goal attempt that would have put the Sooners ahead. I think I scared the cats on that last touchdown. I know I scared a life or two out the door on that block. Heck mom was outside trimming black eyed susans and she heard me through a solid oak door. She was headed back in when I poked my head out with "Oregon's ahead with about fifty seconds on the clock."

Just goes to show, it really isn't over until the clock says zero and you'd better check to make sure somebody didn't blow a whistle or something. Oklahoma has a young, good team and I wouldn't want to be whoever they're playing next.

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tenyearnap said...

Oh, that was YOU making all that racket yesterday afternoon!