Thursday, January 27, 2005


Just when you think the enterprising idiots out there can’t get any worse. They raise the bar. Or maybe they’ve lowered it. I’m afraid the result is the same. The latest hue and cry concerns a video put out by the We are Family Foundation. The following pledge is not, I repeat not on the video. It’s on the Website. Honestly, I can’t really picture second graders repeating this without their teachers having to explain what half the words mean. Maybe I’m underestimating second graders but at that age I was still enjoying the 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins and Bartholemew and the Ooblek.

“The We Are Family Foundation is pleased to provide's Declaration of Tolerance, part of the Southern Poverty Law Center's National Campaign for Tolerance

Tolerance is a personal decision that comes from a belief that every person is a treasure. I believe that America's diversity is its strength. I also recognize that ignorance, insensitivity and bigotry can turn that diversity into a source of prejudice and discrimination.

To help keep diversity a wellspring of strength and make America a better place for all, I pledge to have respect for people whose abilities, beliefs, culture, race, sexual identity or other characteristics are different from my own.”

I’m so thankful that Focus on Family’s James Dobson is attempting to protect me from Spongebob Squarepants and excessive tolerance.

I’ve composed several entries in my head on this. Robbie of Robbie’s Ruminations has a wonderful entry.Better, I believe than I could do. I’m afraid a couple of mine came close to melting my computer. I'd put a link in this entry but the links aren't behaving. You'll find her in the sidebar under other journals.

For all of you who find conspiracies in videos for grade schoolers, gay parents enrolling their adopted sons in a Catholic kindergarten or that the Passion of Christ didn’t get nominated for Best Picture may I make a humble suggestion. Go find your bible and read the Sermon on the Mount. Then read Matthew 25:35-36. I believe that if you focus your time and energy on acting on these passages  you’ll barely have time to mind your own business much less anyone else’s.

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mlraminiak said...

<you’ll barely have time to mind your own business much less anyone else’s>  ...or should that be EVERYONE else's...?  They do seem to be very good at that, don't they?  Lisa  :-]