Saturday, January 22, 2005


I had fairly good luck shooting through the window at the feeders. And what film couldn't do, Adobe could. A little cropping, a little enhancing, and they don't look too bad.

The first two are goldfinches, the little guy at the wooden feeder is a chickadee, and I believe the darkheaded ones are juncos. The last little one is a flicker (per Lisa and it does look like the picture in my birds of the Willamette Valley book) Thanks girlfriend. We almost never see these in the open and when you do they are flying the other way. However, they love dogwood berries and there were plenty on the ground when I got this shot. If you enlarge the shot, you can just see the bird among the leaves.
Decided not to upload the rest of the fuzzy pictures.

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mlraminiak said...

I miss my birds since the doofus next door cut down all his trees.  I don't see or hear hardly any these days.  Haven't even bothered to fill the feeders this winter :(
Lisa  :-]