Saturday, January 8, 2005


Not really ready to hang up the Christmas Carols yet.

Well, the post holiday let-down has set in with a vengence. It's helped along by our computer program switch at work. We've used ADP for years. The new program is probably a good thing but it does EVERYTHING differently from ADP and I do mean EVERYTHING. I spend about 75 percent of my time in Excel so I'm not affected as profoundly as most of the other people in the dealership. I still have my hair, but even I had to hump to get my data transferred over to the new system. My oh my, the trees that gave their lives for new instruction manuals.

Finally got the Christmas decorations put away today. I loved our little artificial tree this year but that puppy sheds worse than both cats put together. By the time we got it upstairs I was all over flocking, looked like I'd been caught in a snow storm.

Speaking of snow. We've had an unusually dry winter so far this year. I think my uncles in Banning (very southern California) have had more rain and snow this year than we get in two or three years combined. Ah, the joys of an El Nino year. We've had a few mornings when the temperature was in the low twenties when I went to work. The two little yellow primroses by the driveway are still truckin' though. I've found daffodil and bluebells peeking through on the south side of the yard. At least they were peeking through last weekend. For all I know this last week has sent them looking for the rewind button. "Daffy to Mother Nature! Hey can I go back down until about June. Geez, it's cold up here. And for heaven sakes lose the fog!"

Right now I'm just thankful that everyone in the family came through the holidays healthy and happy. The Portlanders are in their long awaited new house. No grass in the yard to speak of and plenty of mud, but they are in. Umatilla bunch didn't make it over this year, they were too darn tired. Anyone who thinks that teachers have it easy is welcome try taking over their classes for a few days and see how it goes. Good luck.

Well, I think it's time put this rather disjointed little entry to bed. LOL


mlraminiak said...

We got the last tree and decorations down, boxed, and stored in the garage for another year.  House looks a little...plain.  Haven't taken down the outdoor lights yet, though I unplugged them, so they aren't on anymore.  Bummer!  Lisa  :-]

chasingmoksha said...

Banning must be southeast, I do not know where it is.  I know big bear and those areas have gotten snow.  I live right on the coast, we had no snow but we are having the rain, rain that I have not seen since 1998, the last El Nino year.  

That computer business sounds just dreadful.  I embrace change but hate doing the footwork to get everything up to speed especially if I am in a foul mood.  

Poor little primroses.  I do hope you picture the daffodil.  There is something harmonic about daffodils.  I love them.  I am not sure what are bluebells but in Texas we had wild bluebonnets (The State Flower), I thought they were lovely when there would be a sea of them growing wild.  

Happy New Year.

hope5555 said...

I know what you mean about the fake trees, we are on our third year of "fake" and I was just commenting that I seemed to need to vacuum almost as much as I did for the real ones!  Good luck with the new computer program at work.