Saturday, April 16, 2005


One of the local squirrels has figuared out that there are a couple of feeders in the dogwood. He may have known before but didn't care until we changed the mix to one that includes sunflower chunks.

We added baffles to the feeder set up today. We'll see how long the "bafflement" lasts. I don't really begrudge him the food, but they have their own little cornor of the yard. I spotted a seed feeder for squirrels when we got the baffles. It looks perfect for fastening to the top of a fence post. I'll see about it after pay day. I'll see if I can't encourage them to hang out on the other side of the yard. Anybody care to place a bet on how successful I'll be?

There's a local craftsman who makes bird houses for one of the local nursuries. He makes a two story one labeled for day or night pest control. The upper part is for bats, the lower part for swallows. It's awfully big though. The local bats already have the hill to hang out in and we never seem to remember the hole in the garage wall until after a swallow family has moved in for the new year. We're having to take a zen like approach to adding things to the yard. It isn't that big and it's easy to be attracted to additions that are too big.

Besides if I can get them out in the open maybe I can get some decent pictures. The ones that like to visit the feeder in the front window like to hang upside down. I have some really good shots of squirrel tails. LOL


lisaram1955 said...

No fair posting pictures of know I miss my "yard pets..."  Lisa  :-]

ibspiccoli4life said...

Would the bats and the birds live that close to each other?  That's so interesting.  I haven't seen a bat in while.  Growing up we had a bunch of them that would fly around at night.  I miss that. My big treat now is this HUGE owl that flies around here at dusk. I just love it.  Hopefully I'll get a good picture of him one of these days.  Can I come over and go camping in your back yard?  LOL.  It sounds like fun!


hestiahomeschool said...

Our squirrels have taken over the yard!

donah42 said...

He probably won't be baffled very long :) The squirrels are greedy little devils, but I love them anyway:)