Saturday, April 2, 2005


We've got a break in the rain showers this morning and the yard is alive. The computer is right by the front window and I've got finches on the rose trellis and had a chickadee on the partially enclosed porch. I suspect that right now he's telling all his friends about the monster that kept moving things while he was trying to get through that funny barrier between him and the rose bush. (the porch enclosure is mostly window) The poor thing was on the verge of giving himself a concussion. I've found that if I can get behind the bird, it will eventually find its own way out.

The yard is becoming everything we'd hoped for when we pulled the grass two years ago. It's full of life and bird song and I've seen at least two bumble bees so far. They like vinca and Oregon Grape. What they really like is lavender and that is greening up beautifully. The dogwood where we hang the feeders is showing the first blush of pink.

I look at the ads for the weed killers and the turf builders and just shake my head. Green lawns (sorry Scotts and Monsanto) are so boring. The only insects I've ever seen on a perfectly green lawn are lawn moths. And birds, forget it. Except for an occasional robin lucky enough to catch a worm after watering, they usually go somewhere else. We live in an old neighborhood right next to a hill with lots of trees so we've got finches in the dogwood, chickadees in the rhodies, sparrows in the phone lines, and we'll probably find that family of starlings has nested in the garage wall again. LOL

Hobbits had the right idea. Build your house into the hill, and plant the garden on top.

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ibspiccoli4life said...

Glad I'm not the only one who's tired of the aneseptic (sp?) lawns that are so popular. Those green lawns are a caricature of nature. Any life that attempts to coexist is summarily poisoned and executed. I love to see birds and bugs and all the great things nature gives us. Your lawn sounds beautiful!