Thursday, April 7, 2005


My last entry, my own leanings, and some conversations with co-workers and friends got me to thinking. And that can be dangerous.


We are living in a time that seems obsessed with diet, the latest clothes, the latest technological gadgets, super fast internet connections, the whole commercial glitz, and glitter.


I found myself thinking. Tomorrow, next month, next year, whenever the time; when I’m facing that road we all have to take, what will I remember. Will I remember that I had a big screen TV or that I shared a good movie with a friend. Will I remember that I had a computer with a super fast Internet connection or that I shared pictures with my sisters and friends. Will I remember that my I pod held x number of songs or that I loved Celtic harp music. Will I be thinking about all the fat grams I worried about or that my mom and I loved to go to McGrath’s for their Fisherman’s’ Stew. Will I regret that I didn’t have the latest cell phone with all the bells and whistles or will I remember long conversations with my sisters, no matter what kind of phone we used. Will I remember all the latest gadgets that briefly caught my eye over the years or how good it felt to take up my knitting needles again. I think you get the picture.


I know what I’ll be remembering. May your memories be as good.



lisaram1955 said...

Good points.  Thank you.  Lisa  :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

wonderul entry.  My family is together twenty four hours a day. My husband works seven days on, seven days off, so we have him hom every other week.  I am always so saddened when I hear of children spending seven hours a day in front of the television, or the advice to spend ten minutes a day in real conversation with your kids.  My TV is kept in a locked cabinet. I want the kids to experience real life, not a vicarious one.

PS the coneflowers are from the Burpee catalogue. It is WAY too cold here in KY for them to come up yet :-)

cw2smom said...

Amen!  Loved this entry!  Lisa...who's watching her carb intake! Drat!