Thursday, April 7, 2005


I’ve been watching Rome fill up with pilgrims to gaze at the mortal remains of a great man. But, I can’t help thinking this is a morbid way to honor the man.


The man loved to ski or hike, go find a mountain. When he was serving in a parish, he took the youth groups on kayaking trips. Go find a river. He loved soccer. Go kick a ball.


There’s a wonderful picture in the current Newsweek. I’m don’t remember if the caption said where it was taken. The man is still standing tall and he’s up in the snow country. He’s managed slip away from the entourage and is gazing up towards the mountains and the sky. If no mountains are handy, try for a park and just spend a few minutes glorying in what the Creator(ess) has freely given.


From what I gathered from the article he was constantly having friends in for lunch or dinner. Hug a friend and go out for a meal. At least spend some time together.


The man prayed unceasingly. Spend some time with whatever scriptures speak to your soul. I truly believe that death is just a doorway. The road keeps going on the other side.

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lisaram1955 said...

I can't say that what you describe isn't what John Paul would have preferred.  But you can't argue with a couple thousand years of ancient Church tradition...  Lisa  :-]