Friday, April 8, 2005


A couple of words of advice for Tom Delay. I suspect you’ll finally get dumped for violating the first commandment of politics. “Thou shalt not embarrass thy fellow party members or the voters in thy home district." They’ll overlook a Mt. Everest sized pile of unprocessed farm yard fertilizer as long as it doesn’t make THEM look bad and the smell stays pretty much down wind.


As for the sorry excuse for some the alleged violations that “Everybody else does it” just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t work with my sisters when my nephews try it and it shouldn’t work for you, either. Come to think of it, it didn't work with my mom when we tried it either. Gee Tom, if everybody else climbed to the top of the capitol dome and tried to fly off would you go too? Or would your inevitable run-in with the law of gravity be blamed on the out-of-control judicial branch of government.


Ouch! I think my curmudgeon genes just kicked in. LOL


lisaram1955 said...

Personally, I'd fire him for being a crybaby.  It was "all's fair in love and war" when the GOP put forth that concerted effort to bring Tom Daschle down.  And Bill Clinton. And *insert name of democrat here*.  But when the same rules are turned on him, all he has to say is "Waaa-Waa-Waaa."  There IS that old tired rule that we learned on the playground, "Don't dish it out if you can't take it."  Lisa :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

hehehe  curmudgeon genes....that would be a great name for a blog....

I linked your journal to mine....:-)