Saturday, December 17, 2005


Too bad there isn't an entry under mood for totally PO'd. Not only did the president ok wiretaps and the like without a court order in spite of the fact that there is a court available for this type of court order, but the New York Times had the story at least a year ago.

They held off releasing the story at the request of the White House for "national security" concerns. More likely it was "job security" concerns. I'm betting that if this story had broken before the 2004 election it would have swayed enough votes to deny Bush re-election. Any takers?


ereading7 said...

I would bet with you.

thinkingoutloud said...


I wonder where are all the crazies that voted for him.
The people with all the "morals"?!?!?!

I remember when this wiretap business came up before but was squashed by the almighty Bush family. As usual.

PO'd here 2 ;0

toonguykc said...

Dubya wants to be a theocratic dictator.  Why is anybody surprised by this latest news???  Let him wire-tap ME.  He'll just hear me calling in prescription refills to Walgreens, and having endless conversations with my pa about the weather.


lisaram1955 said...

This whole episode would fall heavily into the "duh" category...  Lisa  :-]