Friday, December 30, 2005


Lisa’s comments about archiving have me revisiting some of my entries. I may just find myself reflecting on them and perhaps updating and posting as I think about the past year.


About a year ago The United Church of Christ ran an ad that all three networks refused to run. I watched on the net twice and either the local ABC affiliate showed it or it was on Northwest Cable news I forget now. It created a stir on the far religious right because some of the couples were perceived as gay. I guess I’m so far out of step with the mainstream that when I see two men or two women together I don’t automatically assume that they are a couple as in a “couple” And as I rework this entry I’ll say right up front that I don’t give the north end of a south bound rat whether two folks who share a life have matching chromosomes or not. It takes courage, patience, understanding and yes a lotta love to let another person past our defenses and anybody who can make it work is aces in my book.  


What I did see was a widely divergent group of people. Some were being allowed into this unidentified church based on some surface impression that apparently only the “gatekeepers could see. While I’m rethinking this entry I want to address one comment it picked up the first time around. I really don’t care what other people may perceive about me. Life’s too short and as long as they don’t get in my face I won’t get in theirs. And frankly most of those folks are more to be pitied and prayed for than anything else. And I’d hope that would be my reaction. Sorry you feel that way I’ll be praying for you.


But what really got me thinking was this. There is a wonderful scene in the mini series Jesus of Nazareth. (I highly recommend it and it’s available on DVD.) The apostles are ready to try their hands at teaching and are being sent out two by two. As they set out some of the pairs have their arms slung over each others shoulders. If something like that is going to cause the gatekeepers to bar the door imagine the reaction when the whole group shows up. Imagine thirteen dusty,sleeping in their clothes, bearded, longhaired, travel-stained, taking what they’re offered for dinner, homeless guys showing up at the door. The mind boggles.


It’s a year later. We’ve have had Paris Hilton’s infamous hamburger ad. We've had the intro to the football game where the actress “lost” her towel. I haven’t seen as many ads for Viagra and related drugs but we’re being inundated with ads for the Medicare prescription plans that are little more than give a ways to the drug companies. I’ve already seen commercials for the 2006 Christmas season. We’re still being urged to buy, buy, buy whether we can afford it or not. We’re still being urged to measure ouR personal worth by the cost and size of out possessions. The temporary wake up call of three dollar a gallon gas has all but disappeared. Heck prices are so low on SUV’s you can afford the gas with what you save on the rig. So say the ads anyway. Never mind that the mileage still stinks and the oil is still disappearing faster and faster. But, we’re still being spared the horror of being asked to be part of something larger than ourselves.  


The original post for the little ad that could can be accessed here.


ibspiccoli4life said...

This whole "culture war" is a bunch of crap. It's sole purpose is to keep Americans distracted while the elite continue to rip us off and destroy our democratic institutions. Of course gays should be able to marry; just as blacks and other people of color should all share the same rights as we do.

I am sorry I missed the Paris Hilton ad. It's so much that I missed her, but that I really don't know what that's referring to other than the ad was considered "racey." But in our puritanical anti-sex culture I can't imagine it was racey by European standards.

Happy New Year, Jackie!


toonguykc said...

Young men are dying for that oil every single day!!  But as long as you put a ribbon magnet on the back of your SUV -- you're a good American.  SIGH

Happy New Year, buddy!!


tenyearnap said...

I have a magnet ribbon that looks like a brown belt (buckle and all) and it says "Support Our Pants." I haven't put it on my car because a friend suggested that I will have my car "keyed" if I "offend" the wrong person. (Sigh)

Hope your new year is full of Vitamin H!

lisaram1955 said...

This is kind of why I haven't produced a retrospective on 2005.  From a political standpoint, it was just more depressing than anything else...  Sigh!  Lisa  :-]