Friday, December 23, 2005


First things first.I was playing around with the space program last night. One setting allows you to see the earth as if you were standing on the moon. I set it up and just let it run. It can be almost hypnotic to watch the earth's image wax and wane like the moon. It had worked its way up to mid August or early September of next year when I noticed a shadow on the earth. It's the moons' shadow and a very nice picture. (I think)

We're being invaded by Portland first thing in the morning. Somehow my sister and her family have work in hers (us) his (back in Portland) and get the heck out of Dodge by about three am Christmas morning so they can boogie down south for the Holiday Bowl. My nephew is on the second team and got to travel with the Ducks. If he's really really lucky he might even make it on the field next week. In any case he'll be yelling his heart out come the 29th.

So in case I don't get to tickle the keys until sometime Christmas Eve, I'll wish anybody who stops by a Merry Christmas. May you be safe, warm and surrounded by those you love and love you, whether they stand on two feet and can hand out what a co-worker calls vitamin H (hugs) or stand on four feet and get their jollies by applying figure eights and cold noses where they're least expected. LOL

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toonguykc said...

I saw the national weather report last night  -- and I immediately thought of you.  Keep warm and keep those critters close.  Merry Christmas!