Friday, December 9, 2005


An angel told Your mother You were coming.
The angels singing to the stars
Told them where to look.
Wide-eyed shepherds came to speak
Of star songs.
Three strangers brought their gifts and wisdom.
The brightest star of all blazed over Bethlehem
It brought them to Your door.

Welcome to your Father’s world.


I like to make my own cards for Christmas. I used the star shot I found on the net for the cover and the text is the inside of the card. This isn't the friendliest set up for formatting. It appears I can format the text in Word, e-mail  it to myself and copy that. Is this a disguised IQ test? :-)


toonguykc said...

You make your own cards?  What are trying to do --- starve me and my pets???  

Actually -- you gave me an idea that I'm going to forward on to some higher-ups at my company.  Photos of the Universe's miraculous sights invoke feelings of magic more than watercolor illustrations of Vermont-y sleigh scenes.

It'll never happen, of course.  Marketing people never listen to peons like me.


Holiday hug,

tenyearnap said...

I agree with Russ; I'd grab a card with a star photo on it faster than I would pick up one with another covered bridge scene.

Your words here really make the connection between us and the Cosmos. Beautiful.