Sunday, February 19, 2006



Bless, O Mistress of Magic,

Myself and everything anear me,

Bless me in all my makings,

And keep me safe for ever,

Keep me safe forever.

From every unclean spirit and sending,

From every evil wish and cursing,

From every wicked spell and glamour,

From every star that frowns upon me,

Save me till the end of my day.

Save me till the end of my day.

Let every nymph and faerie be my sister,

Let every troll and brownie be my brother,

Let every fairy-mouse and will-o-the-wisp befriend me,

That they may keep me safe forever.

That they may keep me safe forever.

This document copyright 1997 - Mike Nichols

From the Pagan Carmina Galdalica.

I love the line wishing that every nymph and fairy would be my sister. Cicely Mary Barker did wonderful water colors of Flower Fairies. I first ran across them on Webshots. Someone had uploaded them and I managed to download some before the whole collection disappeared . Obviously for copyright violations. Some of the artwork is on the net on various sites (and if my scanner was on speaking terms with my Mac I have the book with the whole collection anyway) So, let me introduce some the fairy sisters (there may just be a little brother in the mix too) I hope are just out of sight in our yard.

And the lavender and buttercups are still sleeping, but that's ok.

(And the directional buttons aren't appearing on MY screen, but they probably are on yours. If they don't just move the mouse arrow close to the numbers and something should show up. Dumb smart machine. Sheesh.)

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lisaram1955 said...

They are so sweet.  I sometimes wonder who first tought of faeries.  Are they really fictional...or are they part of the magic with which human being have simply lost touch over the centuries?  Lisa :-]