Wednesday, February 8, 2006


There are two meanings to the word rune. The first is the common one, which refers to symbols in ancient Germanic alphabets or alphabet symbols in other languages that are believed to have special or magical powers. The other meaning, which I just looked up, refers to a poem or incantation used before a ritual. This one is the first entry in the pagan Carmina Gadalica. A wonerful and priceless reminder that there is a feminine face of the Creator and it come in all ages.



I am bowing my head
In the eye of the Mother who gave me birth,
In the eye of the Maiden who loves me,
In the eye of the Crone who guides me in wisdom,
In friendship and affection.
Through thy gift of nature, O Goddess,
Bestow upon us fullness in our need.
Love towards the Lady,
The affection of the Lady,
The laughter of the Lady,
The wisdom of the Lady,
The passion of the Lady,
The blessing of the Lady,
And the magic of the Lady
To do in the world of Abred,
As the Ageless Ones do in Gwynfyd;
Each shade and light,
Each day and night,
Each moment in kindness,
Grant us Thy Sight.

This document copyright 1997 - Mike Nichols


lisaram1955 said...

Why were the ancients wise enough to deify the feminine, yet our Judeo-Christian tradition is so overwhelmingly patriarchal?  I think we need a bit of a change...  Lisa  :-]

tenyearnap said...

"In friendship and affection"

When we find the Triple-faced Goddess in Nature, she really does become a friend and constant companion through all the stages of our lives.

)O( Blessed Be )O(