Friday, February 3, 2006


There were some letters in the local papers today taking to task both other letter writers and the Oregonian’s editorial board for dissing the president’s state of the union speech. I have to say right up front that the only way you’d get the shrub on the tube giving any kind of a state of anything speech is that the constitution says he has to do it. Given the latitude he’s claiming for other questionable decisions, he’d probably find a way to get out of the speech if he didn’t believe it could be turned to his benefit.


The writers cited several unnamed polls. Polls that supposedly showed increased support for the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Uh, guys, polls are only as good as the questions asked and the sample of people responding to the poll. If the first question is “did you watch the president’s speech” and we only want your opinion if you did watch the speech, you automatically remove everybody who didn’t watch the speech from the pool.


Personally, I think the man looks like Alfred E Newman from MAD magazine. That’s not a good place to start in the first place. Second I would rather face dental surgery without anesthetic that listen to this man talk about anything. I can barely manage to READ what he says much less LISTEN to him. Third, members of the party of the guy in the White House are more likely to sit through these things, so the results of any poll are, shall we say skewed in a certain direction anyway.


My eighth grade math teacher had a book on the shelf called How to Lie with Statistics. ‘Nuff said.


On a more cheerful note, the new guy in Tom Delay’s old house job is a representative from Ohio with absolutely no ties to Mr. Delay. Wonderful what facing election in fall can do. Especially when the loudest barfing sounds seem to be coming from a certain Texas congressional district. Hopefully, the voters in ol’ Toms’ district with send him back to his pest exterminating business full time.

And to all you hopeful Democrats out there. Don’t mistake my disgust for the actions of the party is power for anything more than that. The fact that you aren’t Republicans might get you through the upcoming election but it won’t get you any further. Until you can state clearly what you are for and find a workable way to make it happen you’ve lost me. I’m not prepared to vote for Democratic candidates just because they aren’t Republicans. A word of advice, check out the current governor of Washington. You might just learn something from the lady.


lisaram1955 said...

The only reason I believed I would have any chance of sitting through Mr. Bush's television appearance on Tuesday was that I knew he would be reading from a prepared text.  It's bad enough to listen to him giving voice to the words of the best spindoctors in GOP-land.  But I cannot abide hearing him try to make off the cuff remarks.  He cannot open his mouth without revealing what a complete idiot he is, if he doesn't have a prepared text.  So I sat through it... I listened to it (most of it anyway...) and it was stupid, meaningless, and vapid.  Surprise.  Lisa  :-]

thinkingoutloud said...

He DOES look like Alfred E Newman!

excellant observation there.

What a joke. eh?


hestiahomeschool said...

My eleven year old said, "Mom, he is such a dork...and what is it with all the weird faces he makes when he is lying?"