Sunday, February 12, 2006


I'm working through Matthew Fox's autobiography, Confessions. I've just hit say 1979 or 80 when Fox really started to find himself in the Vatican's crosshairs. He was asked to give the keynote address in Seattle for the convention for Dignity, a coaltion of gay and lesbian Catholics. Most of the info that went to Rome came from a group with the name Catholics United for the Faith or (drum roll please) CUFF. Is that great or what?

The then Archbishop of Seattle,Stephen Hunthause, also found himself on the hotseat for one, helping to invite the group to Seattle and (gasp) inviting them to mass at the cathedral. The good archbiship also was a tax protestor-withholding the portion of his income that would have gone to the military in 1982. And got his wages garnished.


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toonguykc said...

How about the acronym for "The War Against Terror"?  TWAT.  Interestingly, that's also what I call our president.  :p