Friday, February 24, 2006




Infrared, false color image of the center of the galaxy taken by the Spitzer space telescope. The galactic center lies about 26,000 light years away in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. A fitting picture for the Mother of Stars.



Lady, thou gate of life,
Attend to us,
So mote it be!

Lady, thou gate of death,
Bring peace to us,
So mote it be!

Oh, with us and for us
Where we shall longest be,
So mote it be!

Be about the morning of our day,
Be about the closing of our life,
So mote it be!

Be at the dawning of our life,
And at the dark'ning of our day,
So mote it be!

Be for us and with us,
Beautiful Goddess of all,
So mote it be!

Consecrate us
Life and love,
Thou Queen of the Gods,
Thou Mother of all,
So mote it be!

Consecrate us
Rites and spells,
Thou Mistress of Magic,
Thou Lady of Mysteries,
So mote it be!

Consecrate us
Heart and body,
Thou Cauldron of Life,
Thou Womb of Nature,
So mote it be!

Each heart and body,
Each day to Thyself,
Each night accordingly,
Thou Mother of Stars,
Thou Lady of Night,
So mote it be!

This document copyright 1997 - Mike Nichols

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toonguykc said...

Dammit, Woman!!  It's not like I'm not already emotional enough without seeing something so beautiful.  I so badly wish to soar among those stars and leave this world behind.  Earth sucks.  Everything dies and rots.

warm hug,