Friday, August 11, 2006


This ties in with my last entry. I finally wrote about the war in Iraq in a way that led to the dots connecting in a certain way. And now that I’m here, what the hell do I do about it? Is there some way for all of us to hook up with the people in our own parts of the country and get a viable third party going? Because trusting most of the members of either party to lead us out of this mess is next to useless.


It’s no secret that the Islamic fundamentalists want to replace the secular governments in the Islamic world with religious based governments. Especially those headed with dictators. And it’s no secret that the Shiites in Iran want stronger ties with their counterparts in Iraq. So, what do you call the officials in our government who aid and abet these ambitions? And they can’t plead ignorance; the information was there for anyone who cared to see it. Heck, Tom Clancy wrote a whole novel on the subject. His book had a better outcome though.


Again, what name do we give the president, the vice president, and members of the administration who only saw what they wanted to see and refused to hear anyone who didn’t see the same picture? What do we call leaders and advisors who put personal and party ambition ahead of the good of their country and their fellow citizens? What do we call representatives who followed instead of leading, who kept quiet because they were afraid of being labeled “unpatriotic,” or “soft on terrorism” or just don’t want to admit they were wrong? Do we call them fools or traitors? I think I’m going to be sick. I know I’m ready to scream. And I am very, very angry. Some of that anger is directed at myself. I’m sorry it took so long to connect all the dots and come to this sad, inevitable conclusion.


(If you’ll look up Christian Dominionism or Christian Reconstruction on the net you’ll find that such ambitions are not confined to radical Muslims.)


toonguykc said...

What do we do?  We can shout "NO MORE OF THIS BULLSHIT!!!" as loud as we can!!  We can write it and think it and pray about it.  Turns out the anti-war people were the true 'patriots' all along.  And we didn't spend a dime on ribbon magnets.  AND WE WILL VOTE!!!!  

(I'm extra-hyper about this tonight, Jackie.  Forgive me.)


hestiahomeschool said...

I have been very anti war since the very beginning, and since I started posting those horrible pictures on my blog I have gotten some hate mail, but more people are looking at them and saying, "That baby could not have been a terrorist. What are we doing over there?"  We have to talk about it over and over again...