Sunday, August 13, 2006


Made it to the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City this morning. Saw Lisa from briefly. This is their biggest gig and the weather was perfect the first three days. And not bad today. She was busy as an Oregon beaver and if she wasn't loving every minute of it, she was at least happy about the great business they'd done the first three days. Of course that meant if they weren't baking, they were stuffing pastry pockets to be baked. Spinich and cheese,,,,,salmon,,,,,,,turkey and swiss,,,,,,,Swedish meatballs. Uh, oh. I'm drooling too close to the keyboard.

Scandie is a small town gig that hasn't gotten too big for it's britches. It's basically four days where part of downtown Junction City closes down and you can eat things like filled puff pastry sandwiches, people watch, sample Swedish pancakes, check out the jewelry booths, hunt up Dana's cream puffs (I admired, I did not sample), check out some surprisingly good paintings, find meatballs on a stick, tell yourself people can wear shorts if they want to (no matter how silly they look), check out the sausage sandwiches, listen to some great music and so on. I think you get the picture. I wouldn't want anyone to think that folks only go there to eat, but good food is definitely one of the main reasons for going.

I saw some remarkably nice jewellry. Down girl, you already have a lot of earrings you don't wear. And there is a guy who makes these wonderful wooden puzzle pictures. All diffrerent kinds of wood, colors and grains. He'd done different birds, fish, maps, there was even a racoon trying to climb on a branch.Woodwork, metalwork. leather items, ribbon flower wreaths that a lot of the women wear with their costumes.  the whole shebang. There was even a gal with a spinning wheel doing demonstrations. Everybody with a booth has to be in costume and some of them are really pretty.

Admission is free, everybody is Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish for a few hours and it's just a good time. And #$%%^$^ I forgot my camera. Waaaaaah!

And Lisa even had a big red ribbon on her booth. They got second prize for best returning vendor. They did land office business this time and she was very, very happy. Running on fumes, but happy. Oh and the meatball sandwich was wonderful.

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toonguykc said...

Perfect weather??  How DARE you remind me that it's humid and hot here in Hooterville!!  grumble grumble grumble


lisaram1955 said...

Nice to see you on Sunday.  I hate that I didn't have more time to spend with you and your Mom...  One of these days, we WILL have a nice lunch and afternoon to sit and chat...  See you on Labor Day Weekend...  Lisa  :-]  

hestiahomeschool said...

There are not any Scandinavians in this part of the country, so I am not very familiar with their culture. I love cultural fairs, though, and I bet we would have had a great time.

tenyearnap said...

Sounds like fun. I love festivals that celebrte a specific culture.