Sunday, August 27, 2006


Katherine Harris of lamentable reputation, has stuck her foot into it again. After screwing up the electoral process in Florida as Secretary of State, she managed to get herself elected to House of Representatives. She's in what looks like a losing race for reelection. Even Jeb Bush doesn't support her and her campaign workers are jumpig ship. And she's even under investigation for accepting illegal campaign contributions. Hopefully, this will link will stick around for a day or two. It's to the news story about an interview she gave to a Baptist publication. me.

I wish these bozos would get it through their extraordinaliy thick heads that the amendment that forbids the government from establishing a state religion is there to protect us all from each other. There was a great short letter is the Oregonian this morning. The writer basically asked those who think that government snooping is ok to imagine how they'd feel if someone else, say Hillary, was president. Somehow I don't think the supporters of Bushie spying would be quite so relaxed if an administration they don't support were doing it

Many of the people who settled the colonies came here to get away from the established church in England. Try to imagine having to tithe to a church you don't support, being forced to attend a church you don't support, running the risk of arrest if you have prayer meetings in your own house, and having to swear to support a church you don't believe in if you want to teach or hold any kind of government office.

Part of this is kind of funny actually, I was talking to mom about this after she got home from church and I was getting a little excited, Hell I was getting very excited and kind of loud. Next thing I know, little Misty came dashing in and started meowing at me and acting more than a llittle worred. I think I scared her a little. People don't get very loud very often around here So I sat down and did what what really important.  I petted the cat. :-)




tenyearnap said...

A HA HAAA HAAAAAA...I am going to go run for Senate I can Legislate me some SIN, baby.

toonguykc said...

Katherine will lose and have to go back to her job as a cocktail waitress at the Tallahassee Airport.


hestiahomeschool said...

I am terrified for the future of our country unless people stand up and do something. Canada looks better every day!