Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Juat a quick note on my break. A lady in New York has been dismissed from her position as a Sunday School teacher because she's a woman. She's been doing this for over fifty years. More on that later I hope.

But really scares me are the folks on the "fire her" side of the aisle. It's not the fundametalism so much as the obvious lack of education. And I'm assuming these folks are registered to vote. I just hope they aren't. I really hope they aren't. Uh, I gues they are. That's how we got stuck with the "shrub."


toonguykc said...

Not only do they vote -- they get enticed to vote with such bullshit as "protection of marriage" bills.  At least Democrats are picking up this strategy with pro stem call research bills.  Finally!  A plan!


tenyearnap said...

Which "church" is this? I thought all Sunday "school" (choke) "teachers" (choke, choke) were women!