Saturday, August 5, 2006


Anybody who’s read my journals for awhile knows that I have a rather twisted sense of humor. Spending an evening researching the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster can leave you looking at some things in a slightly different way.


I suspect that we take the Creator/Creatress far more seriously than God/dess takes themselves. The human foot and back don’t suggest an Intelligent Designer. It gives me the impression of somebody who was definitely making things up as they went along. I mean flat feet and bad backs. You’d think somebody could have planned things a little better.


And take the human body itself. I mean you have a two legged, barely furred critter with its you know what’s bobbing in the wind. SOMEBODY had a seriously twisted sense of humor. Clothing may have been invented for protection, but I’m sure it was adapted very quickly for “show.” You may have seen portraits of Henry VIII. The young Henry was a tall, slender athlete. Henry in old age definitely needed all the velvet and satin camouflage he could get his pudgy bejeweled hands on.


Can you imagine any of our politicians, broadcasters, or religious leaders being taken seriously with their (sniggering, hand-waving) you know what’s waving or in many cases sagging in public. How seriously would anyone take Rumsfeld if he had to testify in the buff. In fact how seriously would you take any politician if they had to do their stump speeches in the altogether. No lecterns allowed. I know. I’ve got a new slogan. “No clothes for congressmen.” I bet the speeches would be a lot shorter and more to the point

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tenyearnap said...

Is a "you know what" a PENIS, Jackie? Hahaha. Jackie can't say "penis"!
PENISPENISPENISPENIS...I'm soooo immature for a middle-aged woman. You are right about those speeches, Ha!