Friday, February 23, 2007


This looked like fun.


Name the six Red things closest to you.


  1. Jewel case label for my double CD set of The Essential Harry Belafonte. Totally fantastic.
  2. The background on the oriental style rug on the living room floor.
  3. Red jewel case with some scanned photos on it.
  4. Last of the foil wrapped Christmas kisses up in the hutch
  5. Cloth binding on James Burns The Vineyard of Liberty.
  6. A pair of double pointed knitting needles, a crochet hook and some left over yarn.


Name the five Blue things closest to you.


  1. My trusty dark blue mug. Currently filled with lemon ginger tea. Stash lemon ginger tea.
  2. The blue flowers in the stained glass lampshade up the antique secretary.
  3. The shawl I’m working on for mom’s cousin. Half way there.
  4. Front cover of a new craft book. Traditional Scandinavian Knitting. Yum.
  5. And the light blue cover of Brother Juniper’s Bread Book.  Wonderful artisan style


Name the four Green things closest to you.


  1. The chair I’m sitting in and the baggy sweatshirt that’s keeping me nice and warm.
  2. Photo of a home made labyrinth from the home and garden section of last weeks paper.
  3. A ball of green yarn in the work basket and a green crochet hook.
  4. Mom’s shawl.


Name the three Yellow things closest to you.


  1. The cover of Durant’s The Life of Greece.  The new film 300 looks interesting so I was doing a little reading on Greek history.
  2. A bouquet yellow silk dahlias on the top of computer disk.
  3. The background on my heron plate I got for Christmas.


Name the two Purple things closest to you.


  1. The amethyst in the center of a Celtic cross pendant.
  2. An afghan made with variegated yarn. Actually could have included this on every color.


Name the Black thingclosest to you.


           Bandits stripes. That's the afghan behind her.





toonguykc said...

You know you'll always get to me with a Bandit pic!  :)  

I can't really do this tag/meme because my little office space is pretty dark and monochromatic...and a forbidden juke joint.  Which is just how I like it.


tenyearnap said...

Awww, hi Bandit!

I love how peaceful your home sounds, and the way you surround yourself with beauty (I remember the heron plate) and learning tools. Mmmm, I drink Stash lemon ginger, too. Good stuff.--Cin

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, I love the Bandit picture too.  We had a real bandit on my porch this morning--a little raccoon was eating the cat food I had out.