Sunday, March 4, 2007


The neighbors's fluffy tortiseshell cat up on the little porch roof energetically grooming in the mid-morning sunshine.

Another neighbors' orange tabby having an ecstatic back rub in the sunny drive way. Wriggling like a whirling dervish.

The local willow trees beginning to show the first flush of yellow green new leaves.

The baby gate in the front door of the house across the street. I don't think the kid is old enough to walk yet, but he was hanging on for dear life and peeking over the top the fence yesterday afternoon. When he wasn't peeking through because the tippy toes were getting tired. Big brother and sister don't always remember to close the door when the weather is nice and they're popping in and out of the house. Better safe than sorry.

The birds picking through the bark under the feeders and around the lavender plants. Must be a good crop of seeds around them.

Little white clusters of blooms on the andromeda bushes in the front yard.

Clusters of tulip and daffodil leaves in the clusters mom planted last fall. Growing like crazy in the late winter sunshine.

Rosebushes, little shrubs, and the elderberry all putting out new leaves and stems.

Some early daffodils in a yard down the street peeking through the fence like little kids playing hide and seek. The clumps are placed so they are in front of the gaps in the fence. They get more sun than we do this time of year.

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.



tenyearnap said...

You have daffodils already? I can't wait for the dafs!! Sounds like spring is definitely in your neighborhood.--Cin

toonguykc said...

It's starting to seem like Spring might actually arrive this year after the longest Winter in history!!


mlraminiak said...

God, it was nice to actually see the sun today.  It wasn't even that bright, but I had to wear dark glasses because it was making my eyes burn.  I think this winter has turned me into a mole...  Lisa  :-]