Friday, March 30, 2007



Jim Morin draws cartoons for the Miami Herald and took home a Pulitzer in '96.

I haven't written much about Gonzalez flap. What can I say. The best argument for telling the truth is that at least you can keep track of the stories your telling. But, I believe that like so many problems we're having now, this has been coming on for decades. Best to lance the boil now, before it gets even worse.

There was a guest column in the Oregonian Sunday by Jacob Tanzer, a former Justice on the Oregon Supreme Court. I didn't read the column but it was referenced in an editorial in the same paper today. Tanzer recalled his days as a trial attorney during the Kennedy administration. Tanzer was called on to investigate a union leader who was a Democratic supporter and probably was instrumental in getting JFK elected. He pursued the case, the union boss was convicted and Tanzer received a commendation from the attorney general, Robert Kennedy.

I find myself wondering more and more what the world would be like if Bob Kennedy had taken another route out of that hotel in '68. I do wonder.


mlraminiak said...

The Kennedys may have been children of privelege, but they were neither unintelligent nor dishonorable.  Which is WAY more than can be said for the priveleged child holding the office now...  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

The "Congress Hound" is getting closer than W and his cronie nitwits realize!!  Bite 'em in the ass, pooch!!


tenyearnap said...

Love the spurred cowboy boots! --Cin