Saturday, March 31, 2007


Whoooo, this shot edited out a little larger than I thought is was. The tulips are up now, but it's been cloudy all day so they haven't opened up yet. At least when I've been home to see it. The shrub with the beautiful white clusters of little bell flowers is an andromeda. The new leaves come in red and then turn green. The lavender is just beginnng to put on some new growth. The green leaves at the back are autumn crocus. You get leaves in the spring and blossoms in the fall. There's still plenty of opem space this time of year, I'm just careful where I point the camera.

Same plants, different angle. The dafs are beginning to come off the peak. They don't much care for getting rained on, bows them down a bit.

The pink dogwood is just starting to bloom. There was barely any color last week. The blossoms should be fully open by next week and ready for some close ups.

A pot of perky blossoms up on the porch. I think they look pretty happy.



tenyearnap said...

Those blossoms look very happy. And I just love dogwood. I haven't seen any around here so be sure to take some photos when those blossoms open :-) Cin

ereading7 said...

I especially enjoyed your spring photos, since where I live we are a few weeks behind you.