Monday, March 5, 2007


Anne Coulter, the bad girl on the far right end of the political spectrum was in the news this weekend. Ah, the mistress of the three B’s, bitch, brat and a bully. Her jab at John Edwards had the desired effect. It got her noticed. Politicians all across the spectrum were falling all over themselves distancing themselves from her “joke."


How about adding her to a list including Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, and the rest of the bad girl rat pack? A black hole sounds like a nice place to send them. Better still, send them all to the same desert island. It would probably sink under the combined weight of there super inflated egos. Or just put a notation next to their names. Not to be mentioned under ANY circumstances.


Failing that how about one of the following responses?


This is the United States. Every citizen has the right to express an opinion. And the rest of us have the right to ignore it.


Gotta love the US. The country where anyone can grow up to be an idiot.


Ms. Coulter claims her comment about former Senator Edwards was intended as a joke. I don’t thing George Carlin has anything to worry about.


Ann says her comment was supposed to be a joke. Don’t give up your day job, hon.


I give Ms. Coulter’s opinions all the respect their depth and scholarship deserve. And I believe you should do the same.


I don’t really take the opinions of a blow dried, bleached blond, reject from a casting call for extras for Sex and the City seriously, Why are you?


I have to admit the last one is a little snarky, but it’s no worse than I’ve heard her or Rush Limbaugh use.


toonguykc said...

And only a real classy lady like herself appears on "The Today Show" wearing a cocktail dress.  AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING!!  She's a joke.


tenyearnap said...

You're on a roll here! And leave it to designer Russ to spot her dress faux pas. Snarky good!--Cin

hope5555 said...

She's a piece of work...a very mean sense of humor.  She is occasionally a guest on Bill Maher, who I watch, and I have to admit she makes me laugh once in a great while...but it the mean part of me, the part I don't like, that is laughing.  Bill Maher is a liberal but he's pretty mean too.  Mean people suck, so I don't know why I watch....hmmm....must...stop....watching....mean....people.