Sunday, March 25, 2007


Juncos, siskins, chickadees and the rest of the feathery crews working the seed feeders and the yard below them..  A little corn, a few sunflower seeds, some thistle seeds, and assorted wildbird seeds make for some happy neighbors.

Squirrels checking out the same buffet, Working their way around the yard from spot to spot. I think they can hear sounds from inside the house. You can tell the newbies at the feeder because they stop, listen and check out the house to see if anyone is coming to interupt the feast.

The creamy white daffodils glowing out in the yard as the twilight deepens.

It rained last night so the tulips haven't opened up yet. I think they will be red. in the groupings with the daffodils.

Contemplating the corner with the bergenia and violets and going hmmmm. Dwarf pampas and other grasses? Possible.

Cats in their various favorite spots. Lucky on the sewing machine by the window watching the world go by outside the bedroom. Misty doing her Snoopy vulture imitation on the back of the recliner. Keeping track of everybody and everything. A foot or a head appearing by the table as Bandit divides her time between grooming and kitty tv. Hind leg, ear, head, other leg, another ear, the head again. The up on the window sill for a little while to watch the birdies. Repeat at needed.

Rain in the morning, blue skies in the afternoon with some nice March breezes and fluffy white clouds in between.

The pink buds on the dogwood beginning to open so that it looks like it's blushing. Patches of purple and white violets here and there.

The boomerang bug. It's not the official name for this bug but there is a virus going around that is a real asshole. You think you're getting over it and then it comes back. Rats. Missed two more days of work last week. And then  you get to spend a week or so coughing your head off. by Friday I was ready do just about anything to get a good nights sleep. We're getting better, but I think it's going to be a long week.

And a disappointed Duck gets to join up with Russ's PO'd Jayhawk. Oh, well. Them's the breaks.


tenyearnap said...

The "boomerang bug" is the perfect name for this year's flu-thingy. Hope you feel better now that gardening season is upon you.

My recently-departed Patches love Cat TV, too. Alex's bed had a perfect view of the birdfeeder and she could lounge in comfort at the same time.

My sympathy to the Duck and the Jayhawk. Maybe next year.

toonguykc said...

A cartoon of your "disappointed duck" is going to be posted in about fifteen minutes!!!  


mlraminiak said...

Hey, the Ducks made a pretty good showing of it.  The Elite Eight is not bad...

Sorry to hear your crud came back.  This winter has been as bugger for being sick.  Everybody has had at least one something...  We need to tell Mother Nature it's spring already, so quit with the bugs...

Lisa  :-]

hestiahomeschool said...

Mandy has been barfing for about the last fifteen hours.Lord I hope it doesn't go away and come back!

lightyears2venus said...

White daffodils glowing as the twilight deepens....this entry is a beautiful reverie and a wonderful snapshot of spring unfolding in another part of the country.  Glad to see the sidebar with other journal recommendations for me to visit.  It may have been there a while....I'm a sporadic reader, but love to check in now and then.