Friday, March 16, 2007

Top News- Furor Over Baptist's 'Gay Baby' Article - AOL News

Top News- Furor Over Baptist's 'Gay Baby' Article - AOL News :

For some reason the rest of this entry doesn't want to copy into this. Could be because I wrote this on my lunch hour yesterday and e-mailed it to myself. We just got upgraded to Office 2007 and my system at home may not like the "taste" of it. I am so not impressed with the upgrades. I'm sure it's even more of a memory hog than the earlier versions.


Anyway, back on topic. Really, at this point none of the postings that go with this entry surprise me any more. But, it got me to thinking, and this is what came out.

Honestly, I've been trying for years to figure out the outrage expressed about gays, especially gay men. Especially by other men

Ok, granted I'm a woman. But, I really just don't get it. On the list of one hundred crappy, hurtful, demeaning, cruel and downright sinful things that we can do to hurt each other and the world around us, two guys or two gals having sex with each other ranks about 101 on my list.


Is it that non gay men believe that gays have betrayed them somehow? Are they afraid that if everyone knows that some men can be openly gay that they might find themselves being sized up as a potential partner? Will straight men have to learn to deal with what every woman has to deal with once she hits puberty? Are they afraid another man might make a pass at them for crying out loud?


Is that what they are really afraid of? That some men will treat them the way some men treat women?

What really has to hurt for older gays is realizing that in some ways this will become more and more a non issue as the older more bigoted generation passes. No comfort for the folks who are trying to build relationships and families now.

I got a kick out of one "Christian" poster who wanted to know why she should have to explain to her kids why some of their class mates have two moms or two dads. It's like, geez. I'm sure your kids will just nod their heads and say ok if you just say, "well that's how some families are, some have two of each and some have one of each" With smaller kids especially, if you don't make a big thing out of it, they won't either. Of course there will pork in the tree tops before this gal gives an answer like that. :-P



tenyearnap said...

"Treating" something that isn't even an abnormality or defect or whatever is the sick part. Why are Americans so freaked out about sex? It's like the Puritans are still haunting us.--Cin

lightyears2venus said...

"101 on my list."  You get an A+ for that one.  Sorry I can't shed any light on this--it's mystifying to me, too.

lisaram1955 said...

I have some theories about why many straight men are so homophobic.  I think it has to do with "dominance/submission" issues.  Many male animals indicate their dominance in their "societies" by mounting other, weaker members of the group.  So somewhere deep in their primitive pshyches, men just can't deal with the idea of men who mount other men.  That coupling would be a symbolic threat to THEIR dominance,  or or manhood.

No, it doesn't make any sense in the context of 21st century human society...but I guess there are too many men who simply have not evolved much past cro-magnon...

toonguykc said...

This hypothetical pre-natal gene "cure" of homosexuality has made me think WAY too much lately.  If you'd asked me at the ages 10 - 21 if I wish my mom could have "cured" my sexuality while I was still in the womb....
I would have said "YES!"

Not now.  I am tougher and a bit more comfortable in my skin.

The truth is that anyone who HATES gay people has a little secret in their own mental closet.  For real.


hestiahomeschool said...

My girls have been raised with the idea that homosexuality is normal, just different from heterosexuality,and they have no problem whatsoever with someone having two dads (they have a set of twin friends who were adopted from Africa) or two moms (their friend Amber.  And when their friend Katie came out to them at sixteen, they were fine with that, too.