Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I Took the scenic route to work this morning. That means I took 105 to Delta on a westside loop instead of the eastside loop to the freeway and then to beltline. This usually happens when I see fleet of semi’s heading for the freeway. It’s actually faster to take Delta when this happens than it is to get stuck behind semi’s and loaded log trucks taking the Beltline exit from the freeway

Once upon a time there was a gravel quarry out there. Now there’s an upscale mall, a lot of apartments, and the left over water filled gravel pits. High water table because the Willamette River is all of a quarter to a half mile away on the other side of the mall. The ducks and water birds love them. The local hikers love them. They’re easy to reach from the local bike path. They even have an official name, the Delta Ponds, and are being rehabbed with native plants and nature trails.

Anyway, we’ve had four or five days of fairly warm weather and the buds are popping like crazy out there. I saw white and pink blossoms from whatever trees are starting to bloom. Could be the flowering plums. Some of the bushes are leafing out. So it was kind of a nice drive, as rainy morning commutes go.

Since we go on the “beloved” Daylight Savings Time this weekend, I’ll probably be driving it before the sun comes up next week. Phooey. Granted, I drive this way every night, but it’s so much different in the morning.


tenyearnap said...

Why are we still doing this daylight savings thing? It's not like many of us farm any longer. But your drive to work sounds sweet!--Cin

toonguykc said...

What Cin said!!  I hate this clock-changing crap.


mlraminiak said...

There are supposed to be some eagles hanging around the Delta Ponds...  Lisa  :-]