Sunday, April 9, 2006


Right after I started this journal, I started another one that didn't get off the ground. Basically because it was too much like this one. Well, you might have noticed an awful lot of spirit oriented entries lately at the expense of the pussycats, flowers and pictures. I'm kind of off the politics right now because you can't understand where some the politics are coming from without understanding where the religion is coming from. So I've recast the second journal. It can be found here. 

This is where most of the religious speculations will be. It'll be a way to follow one thread or one book and still go whoopie the daffodils are blooming or the cats have done something really great or I just got a new batch of pictures. There may be some double posting if it'll fit in this one. I think the star shots will probably stay here  Maybe they'll end up in both places. Who knows?



toonguykc said...

I added your new journal to my favorites.  I adore your writing!!


ibspiccoli4life said...


Personally I think you should just throw it all in one journal. Are our politics so removed from our spirituality? I don't think so and I think the ebb and flow of political and spiritual posts is fun.


mlraminiak said...

I ave saved the link to the other journal, and am waiting for a time when I won't feel guilty to set aside the time to sit down and read the whole thing from the beginning.  Lisa  :-]