Sunday, April 16, 2006


Made a batch of bread this morning. Got to thinking about all those bread bakers who’ve gone before me. I’m Scotch, Irish, English, Welsh, and a bit of German. If I Google my dad’s last name, Heaton, I find that the name comes from Yorkshire in northern England. And back about a thousand years ago, that part of England was part of an Irish-Viking kingdom. So, there’s probably a bit of Scandinavian in the mix. If I did a bit of research I could probably find out which legions were used in the conquest of Britain. Were they Romans? Auxiliaries from the Middle East, Germany, or maybe Gaul?


Thinking about soda breads, flat breads, and rye breads. Breads that you knead and those that you don’t. All those women in all those generations baking in wood fired ovens, on flat stones, or steamed in a mold. Just a feeling of continuity with my mothers, aunts and sisters. Mom used to turn out bread in five loaf batches. Back in the day.

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