Saturday, April 1, 2006


Five more things I'd prefer not to do without.

RAINBOWS: The weather this week has been really western Oregon  spring. We had everything but snow this week. Fog, sunshine, rain, wind, hail. You name it, we had it. And a nice bright full rainbow paced me all the way down 99 to Eugene as I headed home the other evening. It showed up brilliantly against the gray black clouds over the Coburg Hills on the eastern side of the valley. You don't see something like that every day. Probably a good thing or you'd start ignoring it.

SQUIRRELS: We have a bird feeder in front of the kitchen window. We keep it stocked with sunflower seeds. The chickadees like it and the squirrels love it. Kitty TV deluxe. At least one daring animal manages to not only raid the feeder while upside down but eat too. Gotta admire the little critters. Hang upside down and stuff your little cheek pouches; what a life.

CATNIP: In any form. I finally got smart and attached a long string of yarn to the newest catnip mice. That way I can toss the mouse and reel in the cat. Mom's been at my sister's this week so the cats have had the house to themselves during the day all week. Every evening I've found that yarn tail tied around the legs of the coffee table. I'm not sure how they managed to get in, around, up and down to get that yarn twisted up.

Daffodils: The area along highway 99, which I drive to work everyday is sort of well known for it's daffodil population. There's a lot of those little yellow dudes in bloom right now. They look like little bits of sunshine along the roads. Really pretty.

LITTLE ELECTRIC AROMATHERAPY MACHINES: Like I said mom's been gone all week and I don't really have time to haul the second litter box in and out every morning. And frankly my knees have been giving me fits by the time I get home anyway. Yeah, we use the best kind of odor control litter we can get, but it gets a little sour in here by the time I get home. Fire up that little machine with the fan, load with cinnamon, pine or lavender and I'm ready to believe in miracles. Much easier to live with. And yes we have two boxes. One in the house at night for the Bandit and one out one the enclosed deck for Misty and Lucky. Guess which one everybody uses during the day.

So, there's my five for the week. What floats your boat?


mlraminiak said...

Ah...this entry feels like home!  Lisa  :-]  

toonguykc said...

I really dig squirrels too.  I may have mentioned that I used to have a squirrel feeder in my backyard with a cob of dried feed corn impaled on it.  The little bastards went through two ears a day and eventually wrecked the whole thing.

I love the wilderness here in my crappy section of the suburbs.  My cardinal couple (Paul and Joanne), the many rabbits, the chipmunks, the bad-ass blue jays and the fascinating mushrooms which pop up in front of and out of the rotting Oak in my front yard.

tenyearnap said...

Another squirrel lover here. Yep, I had one of those corn cob holders, too. Oh and I know what you mean about the litter box--my two cas weigh 16 lbs a piece and crap like dogs. Both are inddor cats. It is change daily or perish. Tell me more about his aromathingy!