Saturday, April 8, 2006


I just spent the last hour and a half with a drippy nose and half crying. I just watched my DVD of the Laramie Project. The scene sthat affected me the most? The wackos from the Westboro Baptist Church are spewing their bile outside the courthouse. And here comes a line of maybe ten or fifteen young people come across the street, up the sidewalk and take position between Phelps group and the onlookers. And they're dressed in home made angels costumes. And it just blew me away. They'd made the wings big enough to block most of the signs. Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Phelps' face when the angels showed up.

The statement given by the hospital spokesman with a quote from Matt's parents. "go home and hug your kids. Don't let a day go by, be sure to hug your kids."

Two young guys did something horrendously wrong, stupid, evil. They're in prison for life. One of the defendants had an infant son. He'll never know his father. His mom will probably have to raise the child alone. The other defendant was raised a Mormon. He was excommunicated. His family isn't even supposed to visit him. They're just supposed to forget he exists. The kid who found Matt will probably never forget the horror he found that morning. The Shephards lost their son. The bartender is kicking himself because he didn't look up at the right time and maybe stop what happened.

God oh God one event touches so many lives. All of our actions have repercussions we can't even imagine. Think oh think. And never let those you love go out the door or go to bed or any action we're they're going to be gone for a time without giving them a hug or tell them you love them.

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toonguykc said...

You described my favorite scene with the angels and the enormous wings.  Phelps is such an obvious example of a closeted, self-hating gay man.  He's irrelevent even among Christian groups.  And he's from my state.  SIGH.