Sunday, April 2, 2006


I did this as a rough draft a couple of weeks ago and let in sort of bubble away at the back of my mind.

I changed the wording in the candle litany to “we kindle this flame.” We switched from the open candle to a cute little hurricane lamp. Much safer to leave lit for awhile.We have three terminally curious cats who love to check out new things; like the new centerpiece on the table. I started having visions of frizzled kitty tails or Misty the Magnificent's lush whiskers getting too close an open flame. Anyway I’m thinking little lamp, nice peaceful, golden light. You know, the welcoming lamp in the winter window routine.


And I had another “close encounter.” Felt a much higher level of energy. As I'm saying the words in my mind I heard other voices joining mne. Saw higher flames, more powerful, like a huge bonfire. And the shadow, like a film negative of someone or something in the middle of the fire.


Don’t know whether it’s the wording. Kindling is a more powerful word than lighting and flame implies a larger fire than a nice safe candle. But, I wasn’t thinking big flames just peaceful lamplight. I don’t know if it’s something blocking what is intended as a benign request. Or if it was a warning of some kind. That what looks like a benign request can be twisted if you aren’t very, very careful. The writings of Neo pagans that I've been reading really stress this. You can ask for healing or wisdom, knowledge of who you're going to love or riches. But you can't do anything to interfere with the autonomy of any other person.


And while I’ve never paid much attention to folks who claimed knowledge of past lives, I’m wondering. I’ve run across too many stories of lost royalty. We can’t all have been kings or queens in our former lives. I did have the sense of being caught up in some very powerful emotions. Perhaps it was something an earlier me witnessed. However, there was no feeling of fear or danger to me or anyone else.


Incidently, I don't want to give the impression that the Universe comes calling every other Tuesday. I've had three of these experiences, that I'm aware of, all since the first of the year.

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lisaram1955 said...

You are obviously in a season where you are open to...whatever.  It's a good thing, I think...  Lisa  :-]