Thursday, April 6, 2006


But then I go back and look at the white herons and remember the interviews that Cousteau had with Maori elders and their reverence all of Creation or I run across a poem like this and I feel much better. :-)


I have been the sunlight
On the open plain,
I have seen the wonders
Of the earth drinking rain.
I have tasted the nectar
Of the flowers and the dew,
I have been the hummingbird
Seeding love where I flew.
I have flowed with rivers,
Learning the water's songs,
Singing to every canyon
As the water moved along.
All these dreams have lifted me
Beyond the worlds I knew,
Where I have lived the harmony
Of other sacred points of view.
From Earth Medicine by Jamie Sams


toonguykc said...

Beautiful!  I think there are an infinite number of perfect worlds that exist in the universe of our dreams.  Sadly -- there is not even one after the alarm clock goes off.


lisaram1955 said...

That's a good poem for the Spring that finally seems to have managed to make it to the Pacific Northwest...  Lisa  :-]  

tenyearnap said...

Nice. Brings to mind my favorite Rumi...

Every soul that reaches God
enters the majestic secret,
turns from a snake
into a fish,
leaves solid earth, dives into the sea,
swims in the river of Paradise.
The soul moves from earthly bondage
to the kingdom without place....

Seen or unseen I can pass through a wall
or a mountain as if it were air; I can sink
into the earth, or emerge from it as if it were water;
I can walk on water as if it were solid earth; I can move through the air like a bird; I can touch with my hands the sun and moon....