Saturday, April 15, 2006


Tuesday it almost hit seventy degrees in our neck of the woods. The lavender is greening up nicely. The tulips are slowly coming on. All of the daylilies are nicely up and the summer lilies are peaking up through the soil, which smells so wonderful as it wakes up. The dogwood blossoms are about half open and the ferns are unfurling. I call them slow motion party favors because they remind me of the squealy party favors you blow on. The ornamental strawberries are beginning to bloom and the blueberries are starting to bud. The elderberries  and butterfly bush are leafing out so beautifully. The pink groundcover geraniums have doubled in the last week.

Today? It's forty five degrees and there's fresh snow visible on the lower Cascades east of Springfield. And some of the ski areas are talking about staying open until mid-May. Ahhhhh. Spring in western Oregon.

Amendment: It's now forty two degrees. Hopefully this is the last of the winter type storms for this year. Hope, hope, hope.


mlraminiak said...

And, of course, amid the rain and the wind and the cold, we were trying to do an event.  AUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

Sounds like Spring agrees with you!  We've gone straight into Summer here.  Ughh!  

Easter hugs,