Tuesday, August 3, 2004


Circle the wagons. There's another terror alert out. Turns out the information is several years old. When you put it with what happened on 9/11 the whole thing sounds like a shopping list of possible targets, with the trade centers, pentagon, and white house making the short list.

I'd like to believe the threat is real. I know, this sounds really weird. But darn it, these alerts always seem to come right after the democrats have good poll results. I realized this connection about two alerts back.

Even if they are picking up recent transmissions, heck Al-Quaeda doesn't have to blow anything up to tie us in knots. All they have to do is threaten to do something and we do the rest. Meanwhile real people are getting hurt overseas and we still don't have an exit strategy.


mlraminiak said...

Nobody can convince me that the current administration is not making political hay out of terror alerts.  They don't talk about Iraq anymore, because they know most of the country feels negatively about how things are going there.  So, let's slam everybody's focus back to "homeland security."  And the best way to do THAT is to issue a "terror alert."  If the government keeps crying "wolf" for political reasons, a lot of people are going to get hurt when they ignore a REAL warning.  Lisa  :-]  

krobbie67 said...

I agree with you. Because now, amazingly enough, they are explaining that all the other terrorist actions were years in the planning. So they say. I hear excuse (vote for GW) excuse (vote for GW) excuse. .... you get the drift. :-) ---Robbie

micheleperi said...

I think it's important to get the facts and lay them out on the table for each person to see for this election. Facts speak for itself.

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