Monday, August 23, 2004

Mascots and Hometowns

Lisa and I were messaging back and forth last night. Told her one of my nephews is a walk on for the Oregon football team. She shot back with the oh yeah, the “Fighting Ducks.” I came back with the “well what can you say, the other team is the Beavers.” That was followed with “well at least a beaver has teeth.”

If you have a problem with the idea of a “fighting duck,” (personally I keep seeing Donald Duck losing it) consider the mascot of the high school my mom attended. The U of O School of Education ran its own high school into the early 50’s. Three guesses what that mascot was, and no it wasn’t the Wolverines. It was (drum roll, please) the Ducklings. Can you imagine rooting for a rootin’, tootin’, fightin’ football team called the DUCKLINGS!

They closed the school in the mid fifties. Probably because there was no room to expand as Eugene grew after the war. Eugene, what kind of name is that for a town? It is original, I’ll give it that. Personally I live on the other side of the river, in Springfield, Not very original but at least people don’t give you a funny look when you tell them where you’re from.


mlraminiak said...

Eugene is on of the few towns I know of that was given a founder's FIRST name.  And it HAD to be "Eugene."  It could have been worse...Homer?  Gomer? Wilbur?  

Let's face's a unique name for a unique place...  Lisa  :-]  

donah42 said...

Now if it were the "fighting geese" that would be saying something! I've run across some damn mean geese in my day :)

krobbie67 said...

One of the high schools that I went to, the mascot was a Quaker. Try that out for being a fighter! LOL! :-) ---Robbie